Business Intelligence Software from 
Decisive Solutions
  • The power of Excel, Sage BI, and the underlying scalability of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, allows almost any end user application to be undertaken irrespective of size or complexity.

  • Easy to Understand and Use. Users know the business issues they are trying to address, so they can control directly how each application looks, feels and operates. As either an Excel or web application it is easy to use.

Respond to changing business needs Users of Sage BI dramatically speed up the development of applications and reports. 

The BI solution from Sage plc enables companies to identify areas to reduce costs and look for new opportunities by combining the tools of Microsoft Analysis Services, SQL, Excel and Sage BI to deliver advanced-reporting capability .

It is a scalable solution using cube technology (Online Analytical Processing-OLAP) that enable management dashboards to be delivered to the user in a web front end such as a corporate intranet.

Harnessing and building on familiar Microsoft Office products you already have, you can create ad-hoc queries, formal financial reports and near instant Personal Dashboards that encapsulate key metrics from your financial, ecommerce or customer profile data. Simplicity of use is a given, but with more power, flexibility and accuracy than could ever be delivered by spreadsheets alone.