Mondelio budgeting and forecasting and financial modelling software from Decisive Solutions

  • Budgeting solutions and sales analysis for retailers / importers

  • Procurement system incorporating sales forecasting and multi-currency costing

  • Management Reporting

  • Powerful Forecasting

Mondelio, combined with the skills of our experienced business analysts, empowers our clients with the budgeting/forecasting and analytical reporting skills to succeed in the ever changing business environment

Mondelio rapidly produces internally consistent budgets and continuous forecasts, automatically updates forecast Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow outcomes, offers multiple “What if?” scenarios and produces real-time comparative reports with ease.

Based on its unique combination of a fully functional relational database and proprietary model building architecture, Mondelio integrates with core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions (such as Decisive Solutions Priority ERP Software) to offer time effective, accurate and secure information for real-time corporate planning and forecasting, giving organisations greater control of their future.

Powerful Management Reporting Tool that enables management to rapidly adjust to constantly changing scenarios